Memanjangkan Jemputan Kayuhan Bumi

Bumi-Biru-PosterKBTBB dengan sukacitanya ingin menjemput rakan-rakan basikal tua yang berminat untuk menyertai satu acara kayuhan bertemakan “Bumi Biru” pada Ahad, 7hb Jun 2009 pada jam 7:30 pagi bermula di Batu Berendam, Melaka. Bersempena dengan cuti sekolah dan Pesta Sungai Melaka 2009, KBTBB telah merancang untuk mengadakan kayuhan menyelusuri Sungai Melaka melalui laluan pejalan kaki di tebing sungai tersebut bermula di sekitar Kg. Morten dan akan berakhir di Bangunan Merah.

KLMBH Bash #177 Bukit Cerakah

Tarikh/masa: May 31, 2009 ( 0900am hingga 1300pm)
Lokasi: Puncak Alam
Info : Kelolo (012-9049031)
Jenis acara: Bash

Event Description

here are 2 routes described below – one coming from Sg Buloh and the other from Shah Alam

The bash is to be held in Bukit Cerakah and the on-on is in Bandar baru Puncak Alam

Please note about the parking: PARKING – There is plenty of parking if you go to the roundabout described at the end of the km readings ie the hash registration counter area, and turn hard left towards the football ground. The is a dirt strip purpose designed for car parking. Please do NOT park under the trees on the corner as these are “owned” by some mamak stall vendors who turn up usually about midday. They will be unhappy if people park in their place of business.


km readings from Sg Buloh toll:
The road number is 53 by the way (little yellow signs with 53 on them)

Zero Trip meter at Sg buloh Toll and turn left onto Jln Sg Buloh
1.1 km go under the new fly over heading towards Kuala Selangor and Kuang
2.7 km Stay to the left and do NOT go up and over the fly over to Sg Buloh
2.9 km Keep following the signs to Kuala Selangor – road veers to the left
Keep following this road for a long time passing by various kampungs, shops traffic lights etc
7.8 km Traffic lights and a sign to Kuang – do NOT go to Kuang, go straight lah towards Kuala Selangor
9.9 km pass through / under / over the Guthrie expressway and keep heading for Kuala Selangor
11.4 km Pass by a big entrance sign for Suajana Utama
16.3 km TURN LEFT at signs for Puncak Alam
19.2 km Traffic lights with sign board to Shah Alam – go straight lah, do NOT go to Shah Alam
19.4 km pass through sign board for Bandar baru Puncak Alam
20.1 km abandoned shop lots on your left … slow down
20.4 km TURN RIGHT into Puncak Alam housing estate (almost opposite a Petronas garage which is just a bit past this intersection)
21.5 Hash Registration desk.

From the Shah Alam end of town / Federal Highway / NKVE …

head towards the bukit Jelutong Toll either on the Federal Highway or NKVE. Zero your trip meter where the Guthrie expressway and the Bukit Jelutong toll booth access road meet…..

From the Guthrie expressway Take exit 3506 towards Bukit Jelutong. If you miss this exit you will go through the Guthrie toll.
2.0 kms At the exit, turn right at the lights and then turn immediately left
3.2 kms Turn left back across the expressway following signs to Puncak Alam (road number 15)
Follow this road until it ends … Scenery includes at 6.9 kms you pass by University on your left
19.5 kms T-instersection. Turn left at the lights to Puncak Alam
20.6 Turn right into Puncak Alam housing estate (abandoned shop lots on your left, Petronas garage almost opposite the turn.
22.0 Hash On On site

The ride is 100% palm oil estate. The short is all estate type roads and is suitable for most although there is some climbing … but just take your time lah .. its all very rideable even by me.

Bring sun screen as you may want to spend some time taking in the spectacular views. In all the rides we have yet to experience any mosquitoes, but now that I have said that, of course on the day there will be plenty so maybe bring some repellent as well.

No helmet, no ride … don’t be like the 13 y.o. kid and make me bring my power drill! (see other forum discussions if you don’t know what I mean)

As usual, the briefing will be at 9:20 and the ride will commence at 9:30am.

Kayuhan Putrajaya Critical Mass

Semua dijemput hadir.

Tarikh : 29 May 2009

Tempat Kumpul : Palace of Justice (Istana Kehakiman), Putrajaya

Masa Kumpul: 9.00 PM

Mula Kayuhan: 9.30 PM

Jarak: lebihkurang  20km

Kelajuan : 15-25km/h

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