KLMBH#179 Rasah 26 July 2009

Date: 26 July 2009
Time: 9:30am
Venue: Rasah
Hares: Reme, Ajis, Paie, Ying How
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RV Point GPS Coordinate
N3 27 07.6 E101 38 06.2

Bash Directions via Rawang
Take the North South Highway and exit at Rawang (Exit 116). Reset your trip meter here. Shortly after the toll at the traffic lights, turn right towards Rawang.
– 2.1km APC factory on the right and pass under electrical tower with high tension cables.
– 3.7km go up flyover
– 4.0km the hares breakfast stop at Restoran Ali Maju.
– 4.0km, take 3 o’clock at the roundabout.
– 5.2km you will pass newly painted brown shoplots (left&right) and then pass traffic lights with Shell Station on the right.
– 7.1km a Caltex Station on the left.
– 8.1km go straight at traffic light.
– 10.4km BHP Station on the left, and pass a traffic light, you will then see the “Serendah” signboard.
– 12.4km Serendah KTM Train Station on the left.
– 13.9km Serendah Golf Club with the big golf ball on
the right.
– 15.5km Ladang Sg Gapi on the left.
– 18km Junction to Antara Gapi homes on your right
– 18.3km Rapid KL bus warehouse on the left, then go
up the bridge over railway track (Do not
turn left or right on the bridge!!!)
– 20.4km Kampung Batu 30 on your left.
– 21.5km Turn left into Taman Emas on your left. You will see a row of single storey shoplots. The registration table will be near the corner lot at Restaurant Maju Iman.
You have arrived at the RV point.

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